reflection of thoughts–needs sensibility of firmness

Perception is not about how much you are feeling,
perceiving of that things,
which you are observing.
It’s about how much you have persistence to understand with genuine.


a perception of a human for an another personage; 💭

people see what they want to see. without understanding the true layer of the truth. which hide inside in, only need to be patience first to see with the tenacity. except being too judgemental first.

people having wrong assumptions, judge easily by cover, without seeing anything deep within.

cause, you’ll lost precious thing’s


Scribbler ink at midnight

I write up,
when my ink want to penned,
and my soul crie out to loud speaks,
then i delineates, by my words,
which i compose via my inner scribbled ink,
i inscribe by the luster of voice’s soul,
which plays, a essential role,
of the different phases of all,
the deep pain of inner,
and emotions of the personage.
where i indite, when my soul feels to penned,
this is the way; where my inks reach,
at the place of that emotions of zone.
there is so much of tone and tint of own,
word hues into deep wrapped within.
to describe to more,
the voice of roar. the reason,
haven’t need any seasons,
it generates inside in as a rain of storm,
as an ink scribbled on the page it bleeds eternal of the core,
deep down inside in,
nobody knows what I feels,
me and my pages have harmony to write,
whom i, it feels.
this is the safest place where my ink bleeds.
and it shines throughout the night,
it becomes more illuminates,
when i write up on my pages.


Your transparency stole my heart always….

Our love is like a ring, which is wrapped, on My finger. from that day to till now. where we took oath with each other, in front of moon at the blue dark night. you promised me and kissed on my forehead which were soothing to me depth, you fascinating that day for me and fetching the place where i could see the essence of real truth into your eyes which always realize to me that how loyal your heart is. like a sea which have immense depth resides within. no matter how much far we have been, but our loyalty always will be remain same as moon and back….


——An Open letter—— black color is not bad as many think of it but bright color make them dejected and depressed it.

how a human hates to an another human as he is also one of them as same? only just because of color.. gosh !! seriously I’m sad to see this kind of thinking is spreading and surrounds us that how many people can keep such a futile reflection with them. I mean, after getting so much of knowledge and having sound background, and well awared of all. then why people give so attention to artificial rather than seeing natural one. it’s been from past years. I have been seeing from my childhood to yet that how people do differentiation between the colors. and always talk on people’s shades the most as an issue. ‘like a shit, which they speak from their mouth’. ‘as a hell’. this topic for them is like crispy where they more roast upon it.. I’m very num and upset to see this kinda stuff in in front of me. if someone do differentiation related to color of black people, then I raise my voice to support anyone. Well people say that “We live in a Democratic country. Right!! so we all have equal rights to talk on anything”. So I’m shocked that if you people live with this kinda legacy of thinking then why we people have do hate to each other. Because people have misconceptions and myth that they have a birthright or you can say a provision to talk on shits, huhh!! disgusting. If you have liability or freedom then you should take it this as a right way like as a human to treat each other well and to support and love or to helping poor people. and raise your voice to protect not to attack them. look we all are equal. and everyone has their own shades which is beautiful, think, if all will be in same color then how will we see the differenent type of beauty which are surrounds of us who live within, a variation of color tells and defines the real essence of the beauty of the nation that how colorful we are and blessed to have ‘but some creepy people hates to black color, for no reason’. “God please give some sunshine to those who hates to another human being he is already one of them. really you people don’t understand how they have been feeling. people have to stop their unnecessary thinking of perception, guys do respect and love to each other. Because here’s each and everyone is beautiful and have a wonderful family, friends relatives like us. then why do people let them down? they are human first, neither nasty nor animal. they have emotions too. So people need to change the psychology of the personage itself first, a way of thinking to watch of other people and how to behave them. because it is disaster for our future. if we didn’t swept away this kind of thinking from our society, it cause for the rest. Just think of it, it is also a major problem of our live who surround us always. where an individual human hearts and feels depressed from their color. just because of some ghost kinda people. who do to bullying them. how bad it can be. now we all have to aware of it that this hypocrattce thinking is cause to our society. so we should respect to each other as much as we can. treat them good like as our friends.. just like, “as a mother who love their childrens equally” Well, we people are educated. who even don’t believe in this creepy thoughts. But some people’s thoughts not be like us, feeling upset to see. How humanity is getting away from us With this thinking. and how we human think like this; that he/she is black, he/she is white. he is like this or she is looking like that and so much bluhh!! bluhh!! “I want to ask’, Who gave us this type of right to judge other people. we people judge to other very easily by their cover. before understanding anything else. Why? Is it provision right they have? Lolzz… They perceive everything but except observing the good behavior of the person that how soft and kind heart they have, like us even they are better than us. ‘As they are real crystal, like a diamond. who has inner beauty But Why we don’t see the real essence of the personage. A uniqueness of intelligences. even they are much better than to all of us but because of having black color, we feel to them that they are nasty. Which is worst, like hell. Why people chuckled behind their back…. If we are human then we should have to respect and support to another human by stoping this shrink minds kinda thought’s from their mind who live within. We have to stop this nonsense from our society who have been living within their narrow mind inside in. First, ‘we have to obolish a perception of the black and the white of thinking from our home because the color of Comparision starts from childhood to grow up. Where many people have been facing the issue of color’s complexion through out the years from their birth to present. and nobody is stopping it even they give to them some hues also to increasing. where our elders, family and relatives they always do comparison related to colors. Which does a bad impact on childrens. they learn from their elders, what they said to them. they observe what they perceived in childhood and then they follow them. this mindset of thinking is dangerous for all. which we have been seeing from many. which is not good thing, in a right way. so parents have to tell to thier childrens that no black and no white their is no differentiation of it. “we all are equal and beautiful, and human first”

love is something beyond. where a peace🍃 resides.

when you are in love. ‘in deep love of some one’, intense feelings of Peace, is love. a passive intensity of love is like something beyond that words. a core zeal of, where can we not compare to others of, ‘it is as calm as silent and feel of rain; love changes everything where other than can’. it is pleasant of comfort and peace between two, no deed to. when it’s rain; want to dance with deep inside with a little-little drop of—-rain, like showering of relief of an. where no imagination, thought, sensation nothing need of an, because here lot of love remains, so there is something rest again, between two of them. only peace and peace of mind inside of all should be remain………