reflection of thoughts–needs sensibility of firmness

Perception is not about how much you are feeling,
perceiving of that things,
which you are observing.
It’s about how much you have persistence to understand with genuine.


a perception of a human for an another personage; πŸ’­

people see what they want to see. without understanding the true layer of the truth. which hide inside in, only need to be patience first to see with the tenacity. except being too judgemental first.

people having wrong assumptions, judge easily by cover, without seeing anything deep within.

cause, you’ll lost precious thing’s

37 thoughts on “reflection of thoughts–needs sensibility of firmness

    1. yes dear if people carry this kind of thinking with them, then for sure, people will be lost precious things. people easily create their perception without seeing the natural beauty of the inner. but one day their negative reflections will be cause to them. And thank you dear for understanding my post.. πŸ˜‡

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  1. I never judge at first glance. I like to let the words and actions of people paint their canvas. I know not to be too judgemental because I definitely don’t fit in any category πŸ˜…

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    1. agree, but it is not like this. you can also be fit in any frame, only just. need to be patience first and see with open eyes. which is deep and hide inside in, every body have their own shades but all shades has as same soul within. which is visible via your heart. see to understand. and you make your own canvas via your perceptions. it’s depends on you. how you create it. complicated either easy..☺


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