Your transparency stole my heart always….

Our love is like a ring, which is wrapped, on My finger. from that day to till now. where we took oath with each other, in front of moon at the blue dark night. you promised me and kissed on my forehead which were soothing to me depth, you fascinating that day for me and fetching the place where i could see the essence of real truth into your eyes which always realize to me that how loyal your heart is. like a sea which have immense depth resides within. no matter how much far we have been, but our loyalty always will be remain same as moon and back….


29 thoughts on “Your transparency stole my heart always….



    In all the time of breaking fast together
    only chance decided how the food was shared,
    what became the eye looked into,
    the hand the other held.
    And so we are as one
    and yet by chance divided.

    How so near?
    How so far?
    Ah love,
    for whom else should I eat?


    In thoughts that turn
    to love and loving
    (the eye looked into):

    “A sphere
    whose circumference is nowhere,
    whose centre is everywhere”;
    a panoply of nodes;
    an exercise in isometric tensions
    (the eye looked into).

    The sleepy snake is opening
    (the eye looked into)
    and you will meet me again at last,
    here where the four winds dwell.

    It may be useful to also read this background commentary:


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